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Everything in Pen is the music of Elizabeth Hubbard.


Combining the pop sensibility of Big Star and the narrative observations of Jonathan Richman and Aimee Mann, Everything in Pen’s songs cover a vast array of topics---war criminals, sexism Dave Eggers and bookstores--through her unique lens as an obsessive reader. She sings the things you won’t say aloud, of the foolishness, the hopefulness and the almost unbearable humanness of us all. “When Everything In Pen plays, I feel like family with complete strangers, as we all laugh then fall suddenly silent, our hearts breaking. She can change the room with a note,” San Francisco House Concert host.


Everything in Pen’s latest release "Only Everything" (2017)  returns to the acoustic guitar, the simplicity of songwriting, and the joy of singing with some favorite books and a few friends. As a companion piece to 2015’s “Until It’s Beautiful”, it visits many of the same themes from different angles, as shown by the matching album art of Chris Koehler.  


“Only Everything” navigates what happens when plans suddenly change, and life goes in a different direction, reminding us that “even in the darkest light, there’s a story to be told”.  

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