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“When Everything In Pen plays my livingroom, I feel the urge to hug every book in my house.”  

      - Sarah, San Francisco House Concert host


"It was the best night of all of 2013.  It was magical. It was people we love meeting other people we love. Sitting in a sacred space that's been waiting patiently for that kind of vibe ever since we purchased this property…and such smart and funny lyrics offered by such a beautiful voice and guitar.”  

     - Karen, Connecticut House Concert host


"When Everything In Pen is in my house, it feels like the best of home."

       - Brian,  San Francisco House Concert host


"The Killingworth Library was thrilled to host Elizabeth Hubbard of Everything in Pen over the summer.  Nestled in our reading room and surrounded by an audience of avid readers and music lovers, Elizabeth shared original songs about admired authors, beloved books, and the community that grows around print culture. Between pieces, she "booktalked" on her favorite titles (which we had on display) - the first concert I've ever attended where the audience members actually took notes!


From Dave Eggers to Betty Friedan, the United States postal service to the miracle of library cards, Everything in Pen provides a show that's funny, touching, interactive, and a unique addition to any library or bookstore program."Booksinging" could be the next new craze."

   -  Tamesin Eustis, Head LibrarianKillingworth Library, CT 

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