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Books to Change Your (My) World

Every year, I try to read all of the New York Times Top Ten Books of the year. I *try*, but I've never finished----some of the non-fiction books are super long. This year, I'm 9 books in, so I figure I can start talking about it.

First---there are some amazing amazing books on the list that do everything books should do----show you something you've never thought of before and maybe made some friends along the way. 10th of December, Americanah, Wave, The Goldfinch.

All these books changed my world in a way that I couldn't quite think straight after. For days.

The non-fiction list had me reading about Bush and Cheney and the 2008 financial crisis and I almost couldn't put the books down.

So far, there were only 2 duds--which is a pretty good record. Life After Life, which seemed like something I had read many times before, and The Flamethrowers. That book got a lot of acclaim and I can't understand why. Any thoughts? I could use some insight.

Here's the whole list: New York Times Best of 2013

What, did you think this was going to be about music?

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